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Heraklion Airport is located approximately 5 km, or 3 miles from the city of Heraklion, and is the second largest airport in Greece. Although a large airport for the country, it is not located on the mainland, but in Crete, the largest of the Greek islands. Just over seven million passengers pass through the airport every year. Heraklion Airport is also known as the Nikos Kazantzakis Airport, after a Greek writer and philosopher, and has the official airport code of HER. Many passengers use Heraklion Airport car hire for transportation on the island, but there are also bus and taxi services available at Heraklion Airport. The bus services from the airport take passengers to the bus terminal in the city.

Heraklion Crete Airport consists of one terminal building, and has various facilities for the needs of arriving and departing passengers. The terminal at its busiest during the summer months of Greece, as this is the time when many local and international visitors spend time on the island, which is considered to be a popular holiday destination. Although Heraklion is mainly an industrial city, it has many attractions to offer, including a number of interesting historical sights and museums. The city is often a starting point for visitors who wish to explore island. For those in need of their own vehicle there are numerous car rental companies with offices at the airport, but for more affordable transport, buses are frequently available from just outside the arrival area of the terminal.

The Heraklion Airport buses are operated by the local bus company of KTEL, or Kino Tamio Eispraxeon Leoforon, and are available from the airport every few minutes. The buses also provide transport from early in the morning to late in the evening during weekdays and on Saturdays. On Sundays buses can be used for transport as well, but they are available at less frequent intervals. The KTEL buses take arriving passengers to the bus station in the city of Heraklion, from where further connections can be made with other nearby towns and cities. The journey to the city from Heraklion Airport is about twenty minutes in duration, but also depends on traffic conditions.

Bus transportation from all airports in Europe is generally extremely affordable, especially when compared to a taxi fare. While the buses from Heraklion Airport will only cost around one Euro to reach the city center, a taxi can cost between twelve and fourteen Euro. However, the bus's journey is more ‘roundabout’, whereas a taxi's journey is more direct. If you are in a hurry, a taxi would be better. The bus tickets can be purchased from within the airport, before boarding the bus.

There are two regional bus stations in Heraklion, as well as a local bus station and various bus stops from where buses pick-up and drop-off passengers. The bus company KTEL also operates the majority of regional bus services in Crete. The bus stations in the city can be described as fairly basic, and don't feature a wide array of facilities. The two regional bus stations are referred to as Bus Station A and Bus Station B, and have quite different locations. Bus Station A can be found nearby the port of the city, and nearby the marina. This station should be used for travelling to destinations along the north coast, such as Rethymnon and Chania, which are two areas located to the west of Heraklion, as well as Agios Nikolaos, towards the east of the city in Lassithi. Further connections from this bus station include the destinations of Hersonissos, Archanes and Sitia, along the north coast, and Imbros, Sfakia and Kastelli, which are areas in the west and south-west of Crete.

Alongside Bus Station A is the local bus station, or the station from where buses travelling within the city can be taken, as well as buses to Knossos. Local city buses can also be found at many bus stops throughout the city of Heraklion.

Bus Station B in Heraklion is located at Hanioporta, on the outskirts of the city. Its more precise location is at 62 Martys Street, and it is part of the old city walls. Buses depart from this station to destinations in the south, such as Anogia, Gortyn and Phaestos, as well as Mires, Matala, Gallini and Rogdia. Buses also stop at places in between the main towns and villages of the island. From Heraklion Airport, passengers can catch the bus to Bus Station B, or a taxi. It is often recommended to rather take a taxi, because it is so close to the airport, and the taxi fare will only be a few Euro, whereas the bus route to the station can be unnecessarily long due to its roundabout trip.

Passengers travelling to Heraklion Airport departures for their flight will also be able to take the KTEL bus services to the airport, from the main bus stations in the city. Most visitors, locals and tourists find the bus services on the island of Crete to be reasonably reliable, and offer a good and comfortable form of transport. They are also popular for their very affordable prices. Further information about the bus services from Heraklion Airport can be obtained at the information desk within the arrival area of the airport.